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The Garibaldi Pub Company was formed following a  rather stressful and at many-times fraught, six month Campaign to Save the Garibaldi, which ran from mid July 2012, through to ‘completion’ on 8th February 2013… a day much awaited and well celebrated. 

Much like its namesake Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Save the Garibaldi team, against all odds, rallied local support and raised sufficient funds from the local community to purchase the property freehold.

Gari Needs You

Over the following year much work was done on the premises, both in the downstairs public areas and the private accommodation above.  Work included a full refurbishment of the ladies lavatory, painting throughout the property, and a much needed replacement of the pub sign.

Since then, the conservatory to the rear has also been re-built, the floors have been sanded back and polished and the kitchen has also benefited with some modernisation.

As owners of the freehold of the property, we are able to choose business owners who share our Vision to become our tenants and Pub Landlords.

The ‘Gari’, as we like to call it is the meeting place of choice for friends and neighbours as well as a regular stream of visitors who have been lucky enough to discover this cosy little hostelry that fits so snuggly within (Upper) Hedsor Road on the border of Wooburn & Bourne End Parish and Hedsor Parish.

The pub was saved, not just for the current local and visiting customers ongoing enjoyment, but for future generations who value a traditional night out with their neighbours and local community.

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