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We are a group of people who live locally and care about the spirit of the local community as well as each other. Some of us have been frequenting the pub for almost fifty years and cite The Garibaldi as our reason for living in the local area and/or (Upper) Hedsor Road.

The advantages of being a shareholder were presented during the Save the Garibaldi campaign as follows:

  • You become a part-owner of the pub
  • You personally, along with other stakeholders, have a say in how the pub is run to meet local needs
  • You determine the future of a key feature of (Upper) Hedsor road, thus preventing undesirable use or development of the site
  • You help to maintain the friendly and caring nature of our community
  • You help to maintain residential desirability of (Upper) Hedsor road
  • You have a welcoming place to meet, talk and have a drink or a meal with your friends and neighbours, forever!

Each year at our annual AGM, all shareholders have the opportunity to get more involved, by taking on a voluntary role as a Director. Our team of Directors are responsible for managing the tenancy, compliance tracking and ad hoc projects for the building and business.

Shares are not currently available for The Garibaldi Pub Company, however if you would like to be put on our waiting list, please contact us

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