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Our current landlords have been with us since March 2019 and in that time, they have successfully juggled the ever-changing opening and closing and takeaway requirements of Covid-19, won over the locals and welcomed the arrival of their second child – we think they’re awesome – make sure you visit them soon!

Jade & Bobby

JADE & BOBBY (2019 – present)
Soon after their first year anniversary our tenants had to (very quickly) become resourceful when we found ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. Early on they operated as a grocery essentials store with deliveries to the vulnerable. Then, once there were allowed to serve takeaway, they introduced pop-up kitchens to offer a wide variety of street-food style menus. In Spring 2021, they had this to say:
After over two years at The Garibaldi (I know we can’t believe it’s been two years!) we still love running the pub and would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. It’s been a very rocky past year, but we are still here and fighting! We are still learning every day and feel so lucky to have such a great community behind us. There are some exciting events on the horizon as well as some new food pop up kitchens heading your way and we look forward to welcoming you all to what is hopefully set to be an amazing (albeit delayed) summer!

Jade and Bobby’s website is They can be contacted on 01628 522 022 and are also active on social media – follow them to keep up to date with pub menus and activities!

For those who remember, the Landlords listed below will certainly bring back some memories:

When contacted, Chris had the following to say:
Hello lovely to hear from you, what can I say. We were there Sept 1985 to August 1991, the people who were going to take over from us did a no show on the handover day so the brewery put in a succession of temp managers till they found a new tenant.

Whilst we were at the Garibaldi we had a Football team a mens and ladies darts team plus the domino and cribbage teams, all playing in local leagues. The Garibaldi also participated for 3 years in the London to Brighton cycle event raising funds for charities.

Customer base was varied and from all walks of life and neighbouring villages, a real venue to meet and make friends.” Celebrity-wise, she also had a few memories.

During our time at the Garibaldi a new cellar was put in as was the conservatory style room and the toilets were extended and refurbished. Apart from that I cannot really remember much else except the warmth of welcome we received on our arrival from the community.

JACK & JUNE SQUIRES (1970-1985)
June Robinson shares her fond memories of the Garibaldi during this time:
“I have been frequenting the Garibaldi for 33 years, ever since I first moved to Hedsor Road. Jack was an ex-plumber and a huge collection of his immaculately polished blowlamps hung from every beam in the pub and all over the bar hung a large collection of the locals’ pint pots.  The picture of General Garibaldi proudly stood over the fireplace (since removed by a subsequent landlord).

Jack & June’s family (twin daughters, a son and daughter-in-law) helped run the pub.  There was always a warm welcome from the family; a blazing log fire in the winter; it was immaculately clean and served good ale and good pub grub (a recipe that the best of the future landlords maintained). 

It was always a busy pub – mostly local people but plenty of passers-by too. In those days of restricted licensing hours, Friday nights and Sunday lunch-times were the best times – snacks and roast potatoes on the bar; and on Sundays the gong went for the 1 o’clock diners to go home, and again for the 2 o’clock diners.

My own twin daughters, born shortly after moving into the road, grew up there!  It was an extension of our family life.  We got to know many neighbours and made life-long friends there – many of whom we still meet in the Gari today.  To many, it was an intrinsic part of their life, and indeed still is.

Jack used to walk along the road to escort Kathy, an elderly lady living on her own, to the pub for her 2 gin and tonics, then escort her home again.  I’d like to think that one day, if I were in need, some kind, future landlord would do the same for me!!

Just as a matter of interest, prior to 1871 ‘Old Cottage’ next door, together with ‘Erleigh Cottage’ next to that, was the local Cider House owned by Wethered Breweries.” 

Jack & June Squires

KITTY & SYDNEY SHAW (1949-1968)
Kitty & Sydney Shaw ran the Garibaldi for close to 20 years when parking in the road was less of a problem and the Pub Garden was at the back of the property. During this time there were many celebrity sightings dotted in amongst the Garibaldi regulars.

Sharon the granddaughter of  Kitty & Sydney, together with her mother Kathleen and brother Mike, have provided some excellent history relating to the Garibaldi during the 50’s and 60’s – this can all be read here. This is a “Top bit of History” and is a must read!

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