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Ever wondered what is in the deeds of a very old pub?

Two of the three archive wallets received on completion of purchase contain documentation dated between 1717-1885. For a full listing, download the Schedule of Documents.

Tim, our official photographer; with great care has worked a good way through these historic (and in some cases fragile) documents, photographing them. Now that we have them digitally, it is easier and practical to share them and their contents.  The original documents have now been put into specialist individual archiving sleeves to preserve them.

The oldest document dated the 6th March 1717 is a ‘FEOFFMENT’ between three parties (Joseph Harding, George Tredway and Christopher Phipps), to a Jacob Hawthorne. The Deeds then cover the sale of the two cottages that form the Garibaldi to Thomas Wethered the Marlow brewer, in 1838 & 1840 respectively. which is when the building was most likely first used as a Public House (almost 200 years ago!).

We do not as yet know the original name of the establishment. There is a public house mentioned in The Horace Cox Book “Tourist-Angler’s Guide” dated 1867, which references a “Waterman’s Arms”. Due to the Garibaldi’s close proximity to then busy Hedsor Wharf this could be it’s previous name but we are unsure. Please let us know if you come across any further information on this subject.

Further reading on type of deeds can be found on the very informative university of Nottingham website here:

Or follow these links to the pages covering Feoffment and the Lease and Release systems.

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