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Garibaldi For Sale


  • 8th – We completed on the purchase of the freehold. The Garibaldi is now a community owned public house. Thanks to all those who have supported the “Save the Garibaldi” campaign.
  • 8th – Well attended “Warming Party” held.



  • 2/12/12 – Original Garibaldi phone number reinstated, Telephone: 01628 522092


  • 6th – Our offer is accepted


  • WEEK 1 – 9/10/12- Decision on offer delayed while other interested parties are given time to raise the funds.
  • Closing Date for the Freehold Offers to Punch Taverns.
  • Offer submitted.
  • “Change of Use” Petition stands at over 400
  • 3/10/12 – Bucks Free Press article: Hedsor residents bid to buy The Garibaldi
  • 2/10/12 – We put an Offer in for the freehold of the Garibaldi


  • WEEK 4 – We are in ‘Target’ – the local Community Magazine
  • Friends & Canapés event very well attended
  • Bank account opened with NatWest
  • Company “The Garibaldi Pub Company Hedsor Ltd” was formed
  • Pledges for financial support is substantial!
  • informal meeting in GB – to kick ideas around
  • Bucks Free Press – a second article
  • WEEK 3 – 3rd Open viewing day at the Garibaldi -Attended
  • 2nd Open viewing day at the Garibaldi – Attended
  • Off-line petition count now over 390 signatures.
  • Open ‘Call to Arms’ Meeting  held at the Garibaldi”
  • Initial Pledge forms issued & Fighting Fund established
  • 1st Draft Business Plan developed – words to kick-around
  • Raising local awareness with flyers handed to locals on the Parade and surrounding streets as well as posters placed in local shops
  • Support flyers hand delivered to Hawks Hill and surrounding
  • Support flyers hand delivered to Riversdale and surrounding
  • WEEK 2 – Pub re-Opened by ‘Tenant at Will’ (Manager Paul)
  • Bucks Free Press a second article
  • Maidenhead-advertiser (online and in next issue) 2nd article
  • Maidenhead-advertiser 2nd article
  • 1st Open viewing day at the Garibaldi – attended
  • WEEK 1 – ‘Change of use’ petition stands at 217
  • Hedsor Road Residents Association offer their support
  • We are in the  Bucks Free Press (1st Article)
  • Photo shoot at the Garibaldi (Maidenhead Advertiser)
  • ‘Tenant at Will’ has a setback when assigned manager leaves unexpectedly – just before opening (new manager subsequently found)
  • James calls meeting with WDC Planning Councillor
  • Email sent to all contacts on our list to gather more support


  • WEEK 4 – 1st Profit and Loss spreadsheet developed – numbers to kick-about
  • ‘Tenant at Will’ gets keys and starts a 2 week clear-up with restocking
  • Small informal meeting – to kick around options
  • Contact with WDC regarding the ‘community right to bid’ part of the new Localism Act 2011
  • Applied to English Heritage to get the building listed
  • Punch Taverns put the Freehold of the Garibaldi on the market
  • WEEK 3 – Domain name purchased & temporary site moved to new domain
  • Roger calls 2nd meeting, and James gets involved
  • Letter sent to HRH The Prince of Wales who initiated the “Pub is the Hub” advisory organisation
  • WEEK 2 – Contact made with potential ‘Tenant at Will’
  • WEEK 1 – Made contact with the CAMRA
  • Made contact with the Plunkett Foundation
  • Face Book Account – opened
  • Twitter account “Save the Garibaldi – opened for followers
  • Petition against possible change of use started
  • Support Flyers hand delivered to upper end Hedsor Rd
  • Work on temporary website started

JULY 2012

  • WEEK 3 – Roger starts his research
  • Roy Pridham hangs his keys up – Pub Closed
  • The Garibaldi put on the market with Drakes for £425k; viewings Sept 11th
  • Our campaign to save The Garibaldi has gained support from both Cllr Brian Pollock and Cllr Mike Appleyard on Wycombe District Council.
  • Application made to English Heritage to get the building listed.
  • A petition raised, with over 100 names so far, against any change of use for the pub.
  • Contact made with the Plunkett Foundation and CAMRA who both offer assistance with community pub buyouts
  • A letter is written to HRH Prince of Wales who is an advocate of saving local pubs and ‘Pub is The Hub’.
  • Roger calls 1st meeting to ‘Save the Garibaldi’ – The primary objective of our Save The Gari campaign is to re-establish and maintain its status as a local public house for the community and for generations to come.”

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